How to Tell if a Loved One Has Hearing Loss

four friends eating lunch in restaurant

When it comes to communicating with family and friends, hearing loss can be alienating. It can be a source of frustration for both parties, especially if the hearing loss has not been adequately identified by an audiologist. Studies have indicated that untreated hearing loss has a severe influence on relationships with family and friends, particularly those closest to you, such as your parents or children.

Communication is essential in any relationship, and it can be incredibly irritating if your voice isn’t heard. Anger develops when communication goes down. This anger can evolve into bitterness, leading to even more communication breakdowns. 

It’s important to have hearing loss diagnosed as soon as possible because it heightens the likelihood of more treatments being available. If you’re worried a loved one might have hearing loss, here are some ways to tell.

They Have the TV or Radio Much Louder Than Normal

There’s nothing wrong with turning the TV or radio up to enjoy a song or your favorite program, but if your loved one needsthe volume louder, it’s a good idea to have their hearing checked by an audiologist.

They Avoid Going Out to Social Settings

If your loved one is unexplainably avoiding social settings where they used to enjoy themselves, it may be because they’ve noticed they cannot hear very well.

They Find It Hard to Hear Women and Children

High-frequency hearing loss is very common — so it’s to be expected that women and children’s voices would be tough to hear. Your loved one would benefit from seeing an audiologist if this is happening.

They’ve Complained of Ringing in Their Ears

Ringing in your ears is often thought to be a symptom of hearing loss or damage to the auditory system – and hearing loss and tinnitus very often go hand in hand. While it might not be hearing loss, it’s important to have ringing in your ears checked out as soon as possible.

They Can’t Hear You on the Phone Anymore

Bad signals or poor speakers on the phone often make it difficult to hear on the phone. However, if your loved one can’t hear any conversations on the phone, it may be down to hearing loss.

They Have Commented That People Mumble

People who experience hearing loss frequently complain that others do not talk clearly. Hearing loss may manifest itself in your loved one’s perception that individuals are mumbling and difficult to comprehend.

If you think your loved one has hearing loss and could benefit from hearing aids, you should speak directly to them about your concerns and encourage them to see an audiologist.