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4 Reasons You Should Treat Your Hearing Loss

Research suggests that around one in 10 Americans know that their hearing has deteriorated, but over 50% of those who experience early signs of hearing loss haven’t had their hearing tested. In this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of treating hearing loss, highlighting four key reasons to seek advice from an audiologist. Reasons to treat […]

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How Do You Diagnose Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss can present itself in many ways. But if you’re concerned that your hearing might not be as strong as it once was, it’s definitely a good idea to take action. But what should you and how is hearing loss usually diagnosed? That’s what we’re going to discuss today. So read on now and […]

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How to Tell if a Loved One Has Hearing Loss

When it comes to communicating with family and friends, hearing loss can be alienating. It can be a source of frustration for both parties, especially if the hearing loss has not been adequately identified by an audiologist. Studies have indicated that untreated hearing loss has a severe influence on relationships with family and friends, particularly […]