Our Hearing Professionals

Our office provides top-notch audiology services, along with the latest hearing aid devices and hearing aid accessories, to offer our patients the best possible treatment experience.

Peter Loring Au.D. : Audiologist/Owner

Peter Loring Au.D.



Dr. Peter Loring has headed the Audiology and Communication Services practice since 2006. He earned his Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Florida in 2000.

In his professional life, Peter has had the opportunity to gain experience in both private audiology and ENT practices and has an extensive background in providing hearing healthcare to children, adults, Deaf individuals and the developmentally disabled populations.

Peter worked for over 20 years as a musician and as a sound man, which has given him insight to helping musicians hear better, as well as protecting their hearing.

In 2006, Peter suffered a sudden hearing loss, so as a hearing aid user, he understands the needs of his patients on a professional as well as a personal level.

Elizabeth Ward Au.D. : Audiologist

Elizabeth Ward Au.D.



Dr. Elizabeth Ward has been an integral part of our practice since 2013. She earned her Doctor of Audiology in 2007 from Adelphi University.
Her clinical expertise includes the diagnostic testing for pediatric through geriatric populations, as well as diagnosing hearing loss and the selection and fitting of hearing aids.

Anthony Wiszowaty : Office Manager

Anthony Wiszowaty

Office Manager


Anthony earned his Bachelor's in Finance from St. John's University in 2013.
He has been running our office for years.
His vast knowledge of dealing with insurance companies, workman's comp claims, and billing are only exceeded by his warmth and attentiveness to our patients.

Joana Spector : Office Staff

Joana Spector

Office Staff


Joana has been with us since 2018.
Her vibrant personality and willingness to assist our patients has made her an integral part of our staff.

Joana is also bilingual in Spanish.

Nicholas Aquino Au.D. : Audiologist

Nicholas Aquino Au.D.



Nick brings a wide range of experience to our practice. Since working with us as a student in 2015, he's worked in private practice as well as with physicians.
His areas of expertise include the testing and fitting of hearing aids from pediatrics through geriatrics.