woman sitting in doctor's office during hearing test

How Do You Diagnose Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss can present itself in many ways. But if you’re concerned that your hearing might not be as strong as it once was, it’s definitely a good idea to take action. But what should you and how is hearing loss usually diagnosed? That’s what we’re going to discuss today. So read on now and […]

four friends eating lunch in restaurant

How to Tell if a Loved One Has Hearing Loss

When it comes to communicating with family and friends, hearing loss can be alienating. It can be a source of frustration for both parties, especially if the hearing loss has not been adequately identified by an audiologist. Studies have indicated that untreated hearing loss has a severe influence on relationships with family and friends, particularly […]

ite hearing aid device inside clear model ear canal

Are ITE Hearing Aids Right for You?

ITE hearing aids are the smallest, simplest hearing devices available. They do not fit in or behind your ear; rather they sit on top of it and there is usually a hearing aid microphone on each side of your head just below your ear. Their simplicity makes them ideal for adults who do not lose […]

man cutting wood while wearing yellow over-the-head ear protection

What Hearing Protection Do You Need?

If you’re in a loud environment, any type of hearing protection is better than nothing. However, some varieties are better suited to different environments than others. When it comes to hearing protection, it is critical to first find out the level of noise mitigation you require.  Ideally, you want the sound reaching your ears to be 85 dB or […]

a blonde haired patient with hearing loss choosing new hearing aids

How to Select the Best Hearing Aids

If your audiologist has advised you to consider a hearing aid, you will understandably want the device that is best for you. Many types of hearing aid exist, but you need to consider your own needs. Ask yourself the following questions before choosing a hearing aid and use them to help you in your decision-making.  […]

a child receiving a hearing examination from a hearing specialist

How Can an Audiologist Help With Hearing Loss?

Audiologists are specialists in hearing who are passionate about helping their patients experience better hearing. From balance disorders to hearing loss, audiologists help with a wide range of ear-related problems. They help educate the public on the effects that untreated hearing loss can have and how hearing loss can be addressed through professional treatment services. […]