How Can an Audiologist Help With Hearing Loss?

a child receiving a hearing examination from a hearing specialist

Audiologists are specialists in hearing who are passionate about helping their patients experience better hearing. From balance disorders to hearing loss, audiologists help with a wide range of ear-related problems. They help educate the public on the effects that untreated hearing loss can have and how hearing loss can be addressed through professional treatment services.

Some of the ways they can help include:

Hearing tests

Some people may be born with hearing loss, which is usually picked up at a newborn screening test, whereas others experience hearing loss gradually, often because of age, or because of a trauma or from medication. If someone experiences any signs of hearing loss, they will see an audiologist who will be able to ascertain to what level of loss they are experiencing and the best way to proceed with treatment. During a hearing test, an audiogram will be produced for use when the program and choose the best hearing tools for a person to use.

Hearing aid evaluation

One of the most common ways that hearing loss can be treated is through hearing aids. And, of course, not every person’s needs are the same. An audiologist will use the finding and an audiogram from a hearing test to alter hearing aids to suit the needs of each individual person. They will also conduct regular maintenance checks and reprogram the hearing aids as and when required.

Communication tips

Sometimes if you experience hearing loss, you can find it more difficult to communicate. This will be different depending on your level of hearing loss and when your hearing loss occurred. When talking with others, make sure they are facing you so you can better hear their voice, as well as read lips. Additionally, try to remove yourself from areas with loud background noise when trying to converse one-on-one.

Earwax removal

If you are attending regular hearing tests to monitor your hearing levels, an audiologist will check your ears for excess wax. Sometimes excess wax can cause further hearing loss, be the prime reason for hearing loss, or affect the quality of the assistance you receive from tools such as hearing aids. If you have excess wax it is important to make sure it is seen to, an audiologist is a specialist in this area and will be able to ensure it is removed properly and safely. If it is a regular occurrence, you will need to see your audiologist regularly.

As you can see there is a lot more an audiologist does for a person with hearing loss than just testing their hearing. They are specialists in hearing loss but also play a major role when it comes to looking after the health of their ears and the standard of the hearing tools they are using.